Tweets From April 23 2010

Best & Worst Breakfast Cereals on Yahoo! Health – Raisin Bran is one of my favs and it won the Worst Iconic Cereal – yea!  8:43am, Apr 23

RT @TomHumbarger: Why is Yelp Important To Your Business? 5 reasons plus tips and recommendations to Yelp… 8:30am, Apr 23 from HootSuite

EDR commonground community launches Provider Directory for Environmental and Commercial Real Estate Businesses… 7:20am, Apr 23 from HootSuite

my latest blog post is also on Social Media Today & getting way more views… Why Is Yelp Important To Your Business? 8:52am, Apr 23 from HootSuite


Tweets for April 22 2010

Why is Yelp Important To Your Business? 5 reasons plus tips and recommendations to Yelp for improving the service…

@danavan– thanks for the RT on my 7 social media must-do’s…

@noisegraphics – thanks for the RT on my 7 social media must-do’s for the restaurant industry…

The China currency crisis: What every American should know – The Week

from @aaronstrout at Citizen Marketer 2.1: A Tale of Two CMO’s: A Study in Contrasts – great profile of old school…

Is Social Media Too Big For Its Britches? | from @JayBaer of Convince & Convert

the new Grades of Green website launches today | Manhattan Beach-based org helps raise environmental awareness for kids

list of the Top 63 Marketing Professors on Twitter – I was already following most of the top 10…

here’s a list of great Community Management Resources from @SocialFish

AsbestosNet Tweets From March 24 2010

Mesothelioma & Asbestos Exposure in Chemical Plants –

from YouTube – video of Dr. Irving Selikoff Pioneering Asbestos Disease Researcher

were you exposed to Mesothelioma and Asbestos in an Aluminum Plant?-

Have You Been Exposed to Asbestos On Your Jobsite?

January 19, 2010

watching City of Manhattan Beach streaming City Council meeting on Sand Dune Park… – still reviewing other business 7:22pm, Jan 19

check out Luckie’s 30-Day January Social Media Makeover on The Social Path – from @griner and@kammieavant 1:56pm, Jan 19

check out the @PoweredInc live webinar on Marketing Predictions for 2010 – 1/28 at 2pm CST with @astrout & others…  1:22pm, Jan 19

Local Faceoff: Yelp vs. Foursquare vs. Gowalla from Mashable – – 4Square has 49%, Yelp has 25% and Gowalla has 21% of vote  10:15am, Jan 19
@dharmesh – I just finished and loved your Inbound Marketing – The Only Social Media Book You Need To Read This Year – 9:24am, Jan 19

Inbound Marketing by@hubspot‘s @dharmesh and@bhalligan – The Only Social Media Book You Need To Read This Year – 8:05am, Jan 19

Whatever It Takes, Round 2 – follow up on what Partners In Health is doing for Haitian earthquake… #Haiti 7:18am, Jan 19

RT @TomHumbarger: here’s my review of @karlkasca‘s Power of Social Media presentation at AMC last week – 7:00am, Jan 19

January 12, 2010

” Conservatives should celebrate this, rather than lament it.” The Conservative Case For Gay Marriage – 7:33pm, Jan 12

10 years later… From NYTimes: How the AOL-Time Warner Merger Went So Wrong 6:27pm, Jan 12

Gary Vaynerchuk Teaches Basic Social Media Principles to CNN on YouTube — 5:08pm, Jan 12

RT @TomHumbarger: 2010 Social Media trends from TrendsSpotting – themes include location based, mobile, 3D, exclusivity – 8:05am, Jan 12

January 11, 2010

great presentation by @TimHo on Social Media Basics For Executives 6:52pm, Jan 11

5 Social Media Secrets for 2010 from the SlideShare Newsletter – metrics, good habits, rules & trust, creativity & listen 4:16pm, Jan 11

Get the latest free book from Seth Godin “What Matters Now” – insights from 70 big thinkers – 10:20am, Jan 11

big news from Powered today – they’re launching a full-service social media agency with acquisition of 3 industry leaders 9:46am, Jan 11

“Thriving in Turbulent Times with the Help of your Friends” – presentation by @charleneli 9:43am, Jan 11

Matrix Breakdown of Advocacy Marketing from @jowyang – identifies investment, ROI, strengths & weaknesses #socialmedia 8:26am, Jan 11

here’s the 2010 Social Media trends from TrendsSpotting – themes include location based, mobile, 3D, exclusivity – 7:21am, Jan 11

January 7, 2010

RT @Aex0 – “All-American Kobe burger, refillable fries, black forest shake with a cherry on top!” – yummm… 9:39pm, Jan 07

do you know @rubysdinerca does breakfast including eggs benedict? check out this coupon for free entree here-> 4:13pm, Jan 07

I’m checking out Clove App, a new Social Media Mgmt Desktop Application – – – they call it “Fantasmic social networking” 3:36pm, Jan 07

@UrBaconMeCrazy – I also added a correction to my blog post & I really like your Wendy’s Realtime social media portal @ 3:28pm, Jan 07

correction – @wendys is not failing in Twitter, they actually tweet under @UrBaconMeCrazy…& check out Wendy’s Realtime 3:15pm, Jan 07

From @AmberCadabra “The Secret Social Media Skill” – good writing skills are very important for social media 3:11pm, Jan 07

just saw this on @mashable – HOW TO: Organize a Successful Tweetup 1:36pm, Jan 07

RT @FastFoodMaven@RubysDinerCA adds new breakfast meals; get 2-for-1 coupon here” …and they have eggs benedict! 1:27pm, Jan 07

Twitter Fail in the restaurant industry – @wendys and@burgerking09 are missing the boat…
9:09am, Jan 07

Twitter stars in the restaurant industry – way to go @starbucksand @dunkindonuts – 2 top brands that get it… 7:50am, Jan 07

Who’s using Twitter in the Restaurant Industry? interesting view of top 10 social restaurant brands – 7:09am, Jan 07 f

RT @TomHumbarger: here are my latest thoughts on social media in the restaurant industry – 7:08am, Jan 07

Essential reading for online community managers from the FreshNetworks Blog 5:44am, Jan 07

January 6 2010

@krystalist – I just gave you a shoutout in my blog post on social media in the restaurant industry – – I love your site! 11:25am, Jan 06

here are my latest thoughts on social media in the restaurant industry – – includes list of top 25 social restaurants 11:21am, Jan 06

The Vitrue 100 – top social brands in 2009 – iPhone, Disney, CNN, MTV and NBA top the list… 8:32am, Jan 06

January 5, 2010

@karlkasca is speaking on social media at the American Martyrs Career BridgeBuilders event on 1/14/10 at 7pm – register at 5:11pm, Jan 05

“Social Media for Restaurants” – great post, but most restaurant chains are still socially media ignorant – 4:17pm, Jan 05

December 28, 2009

connecting social media with the chop-o-matic was a lot easier than I thought… 1:02pm, Dec 28 from HootSuite

“E-books: A library in your pocket” – THE WEEK – after getting a Kindle for Christmas, I’m in the pro e-book camp! 12:59pm, Dec 28 from HootSuite

@cenedella – I’m glad you’re into Twitter, but you are wasting valuable screen real estate with your black profile page – 9:47am, Dec 28 from HootSuite